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poodle skirt colors

Victorian Waistcoat
#DC1230 ADULT                     $69.95

#DC1231 CHILDS                     $49.95

Victorian Shirt/Knickers
A. SHIRT  DC0902                   $29.95

KNICKERS (B)1235                 $29.95

CHILDS SHIRT DC0905           $24.95

CHILD KNICKERS DC1236      (D)24.95

DC1238                       $59.95

Jack the Ripper
DC0120                      $59.95

Victorian Women
ENGLISH NOBLE WOMEN, Polyester gabardine with fur collar. Colors come in green and burgundy. One size fits all.
DCO129                                          $54.95


Oliver Twist
Childs waistcoat, polyester, gabardine overcoat. Colors black. Sm, Md, Lrge
DC1231                                      $49.95
Dickens Cape
Polyester gabardine layered cape. Black, one size.
DC0121                         44.95
Goul Cape
Polyester gabardine cape.
Black, one size
DC1502                     $54.95


50's Poodle Circle Skirt
Felt skirt: Lavender, blue, red, black, pink. One size fits most. Colors top of page
DC1603                                        26.95



Extra Large Plus Poodle Skirt
29" Felt circle skirt, comes in black or pink. Elastic waist, sequin leash with white felt poodle. Size XL.
DC1600                                $38.95
Teen Poodle Skirt
24" Circle skirt, elastic waist colors: Lavender, blue, red, black and pink.
DC1602                     $32.95
50's Poodle Scarves
5" X 58" polly-cotton w/keynote or poodle motiff.
Blue, Pink, and white
1 size
DC1618                  $8.95

Polyester interlock blouse. White color size Small/Medium, large/XL
DCO908                                        $29.95
26"Organdy and net skirt with polly/cotton yoke and elastic waist band
DC1801                                     24.95
18" Organdy and net skirt with poly cotton yoke, and elastic waist band, color white one size
DC1804                               $22.95

Zorro Cape
Satin hip length cape. Colors red or black.
Size: One Size
DC1504                                 49.95
Beige Flapper Dress
Polyester crinkle fabric halter style dress. 2 rows of 6" fringe. Includes feather boa. Colors: Shimmer Tan
Size: XS, X, M, L, XL
DCO535                            $99.95
Swing Skirt with Petticoat
Poly-cotton elastic waist 32" long circle skirt. With a nylon chiffin and attached petticoat. Colors" 1" Gingham checks, Black/White. Size: Adult S/M L/XL
DC1604                                   1 Size        $52.95

                                                 DCXL1604             $64.95

Poly-cotton outfit: dress, pinafore apron and a bonnet with brim. Colors Dark Green/Light Green, Dark Blue/Light Blue. Child S, M, L.
DC1228                                            $66.95
Stretch poly-nylon spandex crushed, velvet fabric. Two rows of 6" fringe. Colors: Royal Blue, Silver, Gray
Size: XS, M, L, XL
DC0545                                      $84.95
Satin jacket with sequin reflection fabric lapelsand cuffs. Sequin trim accents. Colors: Black/Silver. Size: Unisex XS, S, M, L, XL.
DC1712                             $79.95

Nylon lycra bodice with poly-cotton circle skirt and sleeve. Includes petticoat. Colors Yellow/Royal/Diamond, Purple/Aqua,Dots.
Size: S/M, L/XL
DC0210                                         $74.95
Circus Lady
Nylon lycra bodice with poly-cotton circle skirt and sleeve. Includes petticoat. Colors Yellow/Royal/Diamond. Purple/Aqua/Dots Size: S/M, L/XL
DC021P                                 $74.95

Sexy Indian
Polyester doesuede pull-on top with skirt. Headpiece included. Colors: Tan. Size S, M, L.
DC1205                       $42.95
Indian Man
Polyeste doesuede tunic and pull-on pant. Headpiece included. Colors: Tan with assorted trim colors. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC1201                 $59.95

Bavarian Girl/Women
Poly-cotton dress with trim, Bandana included. Colors: Green/Tan/Burgundy.
Size: Child S, M, L.

ADULT  DC2004            $84.95
CHILDS SIZE DC2006         $74.95      
Bavarian Boy/Man
Polyester gabardine bib knickerpant with poly-cotton shirt. Bandana included. Colors Green/Tan/Burgundy
Size: Child S, M, L.
ADULT DC2001                    $84.95

CHILDS SIZE DC2010           $74.95

Indian Girl
Polyester doe suede dress, Headpiece included. Colors: Tan w/assorted trim colors. Size: S, M, L.
DC1206                    $39.95
Frontier Boy
Polyeste doe suede tunic top and pull-on top. Fur hat included. Colors: Tan. Size: S, M, L.
DC1241                     $56.95

Cowboy Couple

Polyeste doe suede vest and chaps. Colors: Tan. Size: S/M, L/XL
Cowboy (A) DC1250           $69.95
Polyeste doe suede vest and skirt. Colors: Tan. Size: S/M, L/XL
Cowgirl (B) DC1255            $39.95
Cowboy Kids

Polyeste doe suede vest and chaps. Hat and neckerchief included. Colors Tan. Size: S, M, L.
Child Cowboy (A) DC 1251   $34.95

Polyeste doe suede vest and skirt. Hat and neckerchief included. Color: Tan. Size: S, M, L.
Child Cowgirl (B) DC1256     $34.95
Indian Boy
Polyeste doe suede top with pull-on pant. Headpiece included. Colors: Tan w/assorted trim colors. Size: S, M, L.
DC1210                      $54.95
Lady Clown
Poly-cotton dress with pockets, collar, bloomers plus two sashes. Colors: Assorted colors. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC0200                   134.55

Striped Clown
Poly-cotton jumpsuit with pockets, collar, and hat, Detachable pom-poms. Color: Red/Royal/Yellow/Green. Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC0202                            $134.95
Printed Clown
Poly-cotton jumpsuit with pockets, collar, and hat, Detachable pom-poms. Color: Assorted colors. Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC0201                              $134.95
Child Clown  
Poly-cotton jumpsuit with pockets, collar, and hat. Detachable pom-poms. Colors: Assorted Colors. Size: S, M, L.
(A) DC0205             $69.95

 Toddler sizes in assorted sizes 18 & 24 Months
(B) DC0207                $ 42.95
Stretch Hood
Lycra head cover. Works great under masks and wigs. Colors: Assorted Colors. Size: One Size
DC1820                 $14.95
flapper cop Adult flapper dress Adult flapper dress Children's flapper costume
Keystone Cop
Polyester gabardine jacket and pants, belt and hat included. Colors: Navy. Size: S, M, L, XL.
 DC0550                    $99.95

Drop Waist Flapper Dress

Polyester intelock with stretch sequin drop waist and chiffon skirt. Colors: Black, Red.  Size: XS, S, M, L, XL.
DC0503                   $64.95
Flapper Dress 3 ROW
Satin with 3 rows of sequin and 6" fringe. Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Gold, White, Lt. Blue, and Royal. Size: ZS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC1250                    $99.95
Flapper Dress 6 ROW
Satin with 6 rows of sequin and 6" fringe. Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Gold, White, Lt. Blue, and Royal. Size: ZS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC0501              $124.95
Child Flapper
Polyeste interlock with sequin and fringe trim. Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Purple. Size: S, M, L.
DC0530                $44.95
feather headband cloche hat Teardrop hat Sequin headband
Feather Headband
Stretch sequin band with 3 Ostrich feathers. Colors: Assorted. Size: one size.
DC1921                  $18.95
Cloche hat
Sequin fabric with stretch sequin band. Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Gold, Silver. Size: One Size.
DC1918                          $16.95
Teardrop Hat
Sequin hat with sequin trimmed net. Colors Assorted. One Size
DC1923                  $16.95
Headband with Net
Stretch sequin band with sequin trimmed net. Colors: Assorted. Size: One Size.
DC1922                  $16.95
pantaloons and bloomers petticoat 13" bustle ruffled panties
Pantaloons (A)
Poly-cotton ankle length pant with 3 rows of ruffled lac. Colors: White. Size: S, M, L, XL
DC1817 (A)               $39.95

Bloomers (B)
Poly-cotton knee length pant w/1 row ruffled lace. Colors: White. Sizes: S, M, L, XL
DC1816(B)              $28.95

Petticoat 13"
Poly-cotton 13" skirt w/2 rows of net, and elastic wait. Colors: White. Size: One Size
DC1803                 $24.95
sold out
Ruffled Panties
Poly-cotton brief with 2 rows of ruffled lace. Colors: White. Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC1815                    $26.95
satin suit scarf skirt sultan costume
harem costume


Pink Satin Suit (AB)
Satin jacket and front zipper pants with side pockets . Color: Hot Pink. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC1918                       $169.95
Scarf Skirt
Chiffon twelve panel skit with gold or silver sequin waistband. Colors: Puple/Royal/Turqiose, Red/Yellow/Orange, Pink/Black/Hot Pink. Adult one size.
DC0812                       $39.95
Sultan Hat (A)
Liquid foil lame' headpiece. Colors: Gold. Size Adult one size.
DC0821                  $24.95
Sultan (B)
Pants, vest, and sash. Assorted colors. Size S/M, L,XL
DC0820                 $59.95
Harem Top (A)
Nylon/lycra tie-on top, with chiffon sleeves. Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Royal. Size S/M, L, XL
DC0800                 $38.95
Harem Skirt (B)
Chiffon skirt with gold or silver waistband. Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Royal. Size: Adult one size
DC0807           $39.95

belly dancer costume Colonial girl MArtha washington
Harem Outfit
Chiffon veil 54"X90"
Sequin Halter
Belly Dancer Skirt Assorted Colors
DC0811                              $124.95
Colonial Girl
Poly-cotton dress, piafore apron and dust cap. Colors Assorted prints. Size: S, M, L.
DC1225                        $64.95


Martha Washington and Child
Poly-cotton dress with lace accents. Colors Blue, Majenta and Purple.
 Adult size DC1245  S/M, L/XL                     $84.95
Child size DC1246 S, M, L.                          $64.95


Scrooge nightshirt Holiday apron set

Toy soldier costume

Mrs. Claus costume
Bushed polyeste night shirt with hat. Colors: White. Size: One Size Adult
DC0115                 $49.95
Apron and Hat
Poly-cotton set. Dress not included. Colors White, one size fits most.
DC0104                           $39.95
Toy Soldier
Polyeste gabardine two piece outfit. Hat and belt included. Color: Royal/red. Size S, M, L, XL
DC0101                  $116.95
Mrs. Santa Clause
Poly-cotton dress and apron with dust cap. Colors: White/Red. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC0105                 $74.95
Annie orphan storybook girl

Adult Annie

minnie skirt
Orphan Annie
Poly-cotton dress and belt. Colors: Red/white. Size: S, M, L.
DC1726                                 $36.95
Storybook Girl
Poly-cotton dress, apron, and bloomers. Colors: Red check/White. Size: S, M, L.
DC1720                 $64.95
Orphan Annie Women
Poly-cotton dress and belt. Colors: Red/White. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC1727                  $39.95
Mouse Girl Skirt
16" poly-cotton pull-on skirt, Comes with head Bow Not pictureds. Colors: Red with white dots. Size One size.
DC1708                     $24.95
woman's toga men's toga nun costume hooded robe
Toga Women
Polyester gabardine with lame' trim and sash, waist cord included
DC0402                           $46.95
Toga Man
Polyester gabardine with lame' trim and sash, waistcord. White. Size: One Size and XL .
DC0401                                $56.95
Nun Costume
Poly-cotton dress, collar and whimple. Lycra head cover included. Colors: Black/White. Size: S, M, L, XL
DC1404                $59.95
Priest/Bishop Costume
Polyester gabardine with waistcord. Colors: Black, Brown (Monk), White (Pope).
Size Adult one size and XL.
DC1401                  $59.95
princess hat period shirt pirate costume Pirate woman
Princess Hat
Satin and chiffon gothic style hat with sequin trim. Colors: Assorted colors. Size: One size.
DC1299                           $16.95
Period Shirt
Polyester interlock shirt. Colors: Black, White, Red. Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL.
DC0902                        $28.95
Pirate Man
Polyester gabardine pant with polyester interlock shirt and sashes. Colors: Black/White. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC0901                $59.95
Pirate Lady
Polyeste interlock blouse, sash, and skirt with sequin waist. Colors: Black/White. Size: S, M, L, XL.
DC0909                  $59.95

Victorian cape

Storybook Man and Women
Women includes Poly-cotton dress, apron bloomers. Man Poly gabardine pants, poly-cotton shirt
DC1704 (A)                 $69.95

DC1700 (C)                  $84.95


Standard Adult Poodle Skirt
27" Felt poodle skirt with elastic waist. Colors are Red, Black, Blue, Pink and Lavender.
DC1601                                 $36.95




Victorian Cape
Brushed polyester cape with fur hand muff. Color: Black. Size: One Size
Adult     DC0130     $44.95

   Child    DC0131    $39.95



Death Pants
As dark as death itself, these pants are no loose fitting baggies… Rich & thick viscose fabric grabs the leg & the side eyelets help you tighten the squeeze. Wear with one of our Shirts or even a T-shirt, & never loose the Gothic look
DEC  04113                                     $39.95


Underbust Bodice
An underbust bodice made from rich Rayon Viscose fabric with beautiful flowery pattern in velvet. Eyelet & drawstring has been provided in front for easy wearing. Four flexible boning in front ensure the perfect fit.
DEC04114                                     $39.95




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